To Blur or Not to Blur

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We make many decisions when we are out shooting. We choose a shutter speed to get the look we want, an aperture to get the depth of field we want, an ISO that works with both the shutter speed and aperture to get the least amount of digital noise, etc. We choose how to frame our shots, what to include and exclude, the focal length of our lens, the angle of the shots, etc.


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Sometimes, the feel of a scene just does not translate well in a static photograph. When this happens, try using a longer shutter speed and moving the camera during the exposure. Above is an example. I do not like the static shot. The blur says much more to me about fall color.



There are no rules here, and it is all about experimentation. I typically start at a shutter speed of 1/4s. You can move in any direction you want: vertically, horizontally, diagonally, in a circle, in a wave pattern. Try different shutter speeds. Start moving before you click the shutter. Most importantly, have fun!


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