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Many of us, probably most of us, make plans for upcoming trips. We arrange where we are going to stay, where and what we are going to eat, what attractions we are going to see, what activities we want to do, etc. Some people even schedule what to do on each day and set times for each item on their agenda. 


IMG_7762IMG_7762 Photography trips are often done the same way with lots of forethought and scheduling. This can be a great way to maximize your time in a new location. But, sometimes, you have to be more flexible than that. You have to go with the flow and learn to be more spontaneous. 


For example, we are planning a little photography trip for just the two of us. We want to head into the mountains and go wildflower hunting. For those of you who have done this before, you know that flowers bloom throughout the spring, giving you many options for when you can go. If you want specific types of flowers, you need to know when they typically bloom and plan for the appropriate time with the understanding that you may be off depending on the weather conditions.


We have several different options before us and are working with our other schedules as we both have busy lives. We had a long weekend selected for this trip, but some activity on my end has possibly changed that. Right now, we are looking at 4 different weekends that we may do this, spanning from late winter through high summer. This is an evolving situation for us as things may change for either of us at any time. We are exploring our options and keeping an open mind. We may not see any wildflowers if we head up in late winter, but we might see snow and ice creations. There probably will not be many wildflowers in high summer, but there are other options for us then, depending on the altitude we select.


_MAS1347-1353 Focus_MAS1347-1353 Focus


We try to stay flexible and open to changes in our schedule. We both get our hearts set on shooting something in particular and may not want to shift gears to something else, but we also know that life happens, and we have to adapt to whatever changes come our way.


This is a good lesson, not only for photography, but for life in general.




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