Macro - Getting Close!

March 23, 2017  •  1 Comment


Kyle Elizabeth Cook


I have had so much fun with my macro lens - it lets you get up close and personal to flowers, insects - all kinds of things. I found this Praying Mantis a couple of years ago (they've been rather sparse in our area since, for some reason) and set up to photograph it. I watched and watched, trying to get the perfect shot. Well, this is what I got, but what I found more interesting was what I saw while I was waiting for the perfect bug portrait! This guy (or gal - not sure which) caught a fly. It was rather fascinating to watch up close - the capture, and then the meal. Sounds really gross, but it really WAS fascinating! I couldn't have seen all that with the naked eye. So, while it's great to get great macro "portraits", watch what goes on around your subject, and cool things just might happen! You learn things about your subjects when you get up close and personal. That's what it's all about!


Kim Hilsabeck(non-registered)
That is a fantastic shot! Which macro lens did you use? Any special settings you would recommend? It was great meeting you both at Gibbs Garden today. Hope you both got some great photos. Hope to meet you on a trip soon.
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