Workshop Preferences Survey

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Kyle Elizabeth Cook & Melissa Southern




Kyle and I have been working together for years now, though only officially for the past year when we started Bear Creek Photography NC, LLC. We worked with each other at photography workshops and seminars many times and truly enjoy the chance to reach out to others interested in photography, teach them how to get the shots they want, and how to enjoy the entire photography experience.


We are working hard on developing a superior photography workshop program. We have many locations and topics in mind already, but we would really like your input! To that end, we have created a short survey (only 10 questions).




Even if you do not plan to attend a workshop, we would like to hear from you about what your preferences would be by filling out this short survey. We'd like to discover what topics you would like to discuss, where you would like to go, and why you would or would not attend a workshop, etc. This information will prove invaluable to us in designing our workshop programs and choosing locations for them.


Please help us provide the best workshop program that we can! Feel free to share this survey with anyone else you know who might be interested! Thanks so much!


Workshop Preferences Survey


P.S. This survey is anonymous.


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