Just Shoot It!

May 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Kyle Elizabeth Cook




You know, there are SO many times when I hang out with family or go and do something and I leave my camera at home or in the car, afraid of being annoying - putting the camera "in everyone's face". My advice to you is short - just shoot it! I took SO many photos of my kids when they were little, and there is hardly ONE that I don't cherish.


In this photo, my kids were just sitting in our yard in Tennessee, being silly. They were used to Mom running around with a camera, so they weren't even aware I got this. Everyday moments are locked in by a photograph. My brain might forget, but the photograph reminds me. When those days are long gone, your photographs will remain. They don't have to be award-winning, but they need to capture the moment. So, shoot often, shoot smart (don't just shoot to shoot - don't be annoying), but shoot to capture the everyday moments so that one day, you can look at those photographs and smile, and remember things as they were.


Those moments will never return, and can only be captured (for perhaps, eternity) in a photograph. You'll never regret having a photograph to look at (well, maybe you were not at your best, but it IS a moment in time, regardless), but you CAN regret not having photos to remind you of wonderful people, wonderful places, and wonderful times. Oh - and don't forget to backup your photos 'cause "stuff" happens!


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