Using Overlays and Special Photoshop Actions

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Melissa Southern



I thought that this week was a good time to discuss using special effects when processing your photos. I am just experimenting with a few for fun and thought I would show you the results. 


There are a wide variety of special effects filters, overlays, and brushes available through many different developers. These filters are all from the Pretty Actions Fairyland and Fireflies collection.


_MAS5274_MAS5274 _MAS5274-edit_MAS5274-edit
Original Fairy Light
_MAS5409_MAS5409 _MAS5409-edit_MAS5409-edit
Original Sunray Applicator
_MAS6924-Pano_MAS6924-Pano _MAS6924-Pano-edit_MAS6924-Pano-edit
Original Fireflies Overlay
_MAS8990_MAS8990 _MAS8990-edited_MAS8990-edited
Original Fireflies Overlay & Sunray Applicator
_MAS9390 before_MAS9390 before _MAS9390 after_MAS9390 after
Original Fireflies Overlay & Sunray Applicator & Fairy Wing Applicator


As you can see, I went a little crazy, but sometimes that is exactly what you need to do to learn a new technique or a new software application. Experimentation is what makes you become a better photographer. Experimentation is what gives you more experience and allows you to offer more customization to your photographs and to your clients. It is also just plain fun!


I hope you all get the chance to do some experimentation on your own, with your camera and with your computer!


Happy Shooting!


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