Boredom in Photography

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Kyle Cook




Boredom? Yes, you CAN get bored in photography - when you stop pushing yourself or experimenting! Melissa alluded to actions and overlays in her last blog. They are one way to cure your photography of boredom. Sometimes they work out - sometimes they don't. However, it's always FUN to mess with actions and overlays. Several other ways exist to cure yourself of photographic boredom. Change your photo to B&W. Do you realize how many different B&W choices there are? B&W options are right there in Lightroom - a program many of you already have.  

IMG_0822-1-EditIMG_0822-1-Edit Something else I have been having some fun with is changing my photographs to art in a painterly way. Topaz Labs provides the tool to accomplish this, and it's called Topaz Impressions. It is a slow process, even with a fast computer, but it's really a lot of fun. When you use a program like Impressions, you make a picture like NO ONE else's! You can change brushstroke shapes, widths, lengths to make it your own. OR, you can use the preset as is. But, who wants to do that? (I don't!) Is there an artist you like? "Paint" your photo like Van Gogh might have. Or Renoir. Or Monet. For us flower and landscape photographers, the options are endless. You can paint people, too. Or objects. Just pick a photo and have at it. Can't shoot? Play!


Yes, these programs cost money.  If you are into photography, you've already figured out that it's not a cheap hobby or profession. But, these programs are relatively inexpensive. Check out Topaz Labs for some great options for your photography. They will most likely work with processing programs you already own. They work with the FREE - yes, FREE, Topaz Studio!  Future blog? Fun with Textures!




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