Visualing Your Photographs Ahead of Time

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Kyle Elizabeth Cook


Again, not the photo that I want. This is the farm that I want to photograph in the perfect light. Hopefully, that perfect light will show up sometime in the next year while I have my camera!


I have photos in my head all the time. I visualize the weather conditions, the colors, the composition ahead of time. Right now, I'm thinking of my farm shot for my portfolio. Luckily, we have a year to shoot it, because I went out to shoot, and my shot is covered up by tall corn. A ladder won't help. Standing in the front yard of a rather disreputable trailer won't help, and might hurt if I get shot for being on their property! I envision these silos with the sunset behind it, or even the sunrise from the other direction. The road is hard to stop on - it drops off into a ditch. Probably not safe to stand on the side of this road with that ditch, and I can't stand there anyway because of the tall corn. It used to be short corn when I first envisioned this shot. I drive by almost every weekend, and hope the light is just right. So far, it hasn't been. I've got time....


Another shot, related to the farm shot, and possibly instead of the farm building shot I've envisioned, is a working shot. I go by lots of farmland whenever I drive somewhere and I see them working - the dust from the wheat (or whatever it is) is everywhere - in the air.  If the sun is just right in the late afternoon, or possibly in the early morning, it just glows! Also, when they bale the hay, if the shadows are just right, the texture looks magical. I went out looking for that shot the other night - the light just lasted for a short while. Now, they won't be cutting hay forever, and I will have to wait until next year. However, that shot is still in my head.  


Neither of these shots would work well without the perfect light and the weather conditions I am envisioning. I am willing to wait it out, and shoot when I see it. My camera and tripod are always in my car, ready and willing. 


I, too, am ready and willing. Now, I just have to hope this perfect shot doesn't come when I am on my way to work and can't stop.....which would be my luck!


Happy Shooting!


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