What If?

June 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

WHAT IF . . . .

Kyle Elizabeth Cook





What if......there is a beautiful sunset? What if.....those clouds that are forming are going to do something interesting? What if? The only way to find out what happens is to wonder what if, and then wait to see if it happens!


My husband and I were out on the marshes on Holden Beach, photographing Painted Buntings. The light was getting warmer, making these beautiful birds really stand out. They finally got tired of hanging out with us and started to head to wherever it is they like to stay overnight. We left our birdwatching area and started to head back to the house in Shallotte.


As we were driving past the marsh, there was this strange cloud formation and I wondered....what if? What if that cloud and that sun made a really neat sunset opportunity? What if it brought in a storm? What if there was lightning in that storm that I could photograph from a safe distance? What if a rainbow formed? I have previously made a wishlist in photography - a beach, a storm, lightning and a rainbow. It all happened at the same time, amazingly, but I missed the moment while checking the settings on my camera. Dang it! So, all the what ifs started forming in my head about this weather situation. Then, some peachy-orange color started showing up along the top of the bottom cloud, and some faint colors started showing up below the big, oval-edged cloud. It was WAY too early for a sunset, but....what if?  Well, I started shooting, and got the result included in this blog. Is it fantastic? No, not really. But it might have been. It certainly documented an unusual cloud formation and unexpected color.  If I would have just said - eh?.....and kept driving, how would I ever have known?


As it turned out, this was as good as it got. But I waited it out for awhile anyway, just to make sure. If you see something in nature that intrigues you - follow your instincts. Sometimes, they work out. Sometimes, they don't. But as a friend of mine, Don Nelson, used to quote - f/8 and be there. Have camera. Shoot!


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