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Melissa Southern


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Sometimes we all have problems getting inspired to go out and shoot. I know that I do. Our lives are often so hectic and full that photography takes a back seat. We need to make sure that we pay attention to those people and activities that fill our lives with joy. It is usually a delicate balancing act, especially when family is involved.


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I love photography. I love to shoot, but i don't get to go out and shoot nearly as much as I would like to. Have a serious case of wanderlust most of the time. I want to see everything and go everywhere and experience so much. With that in mind, I have had to learn to shoot what is near at hand, in my own backyard.


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As my kids have gotten older, this has become a bit easier to do. I try to watch for and take advantage of any opportunity to shoot a bit around the house, whether it's photos of the cats or the "Killer Rose Bush" in the front yard. Lucky for me, my husband has really stepped up and helped out with getting dinner and lunches ready so that I can have a few minutes to shoot. All of the images in this blog were taken in my yard in a few minutes here and there.


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Often, I want to travel to exotic places to get those amazing shots, but reality is that many of those amazing shots were taken by people who live there, who can shoot sunrise five times a week or hike that trail over and over again. One lesson that I have tried to learn for myself is that what I view as ordinary and normal is exotic to someone else, where I am is exotic to someone else. I have to see where I live as beautiful, try to capture that beauty, and, most of all, appreciate where I am.


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