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The Back Story, Chapter 7

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Melissa Southern


All photographs have a back story. Most photographers remember who they were with and what they were doing when their favorite photos were captured. We are no different. Photographs are a moment captured from time, but there was more before and after the shutter click. These are their stories . . . . 


Several years ago, I was visiting San Antonio, TX with a conference for work. What an amazing city! I loved it. Of course, we were staying right on the River Walk and only one block from the Alamo, which I could see from my hotel room. I loved exploring the River Walk at every available moment.


After registration, several of us were gathered in the Hospitality Suite, catching up and deciding where to go for dinner later that evening. I was being teased, a common occurrence, for eating Fritos chips instead of real tortilla chips. My co-worker Millie and I spun a story about the chips coming from San Antonio from an ancient secret recipe. In other words, we were having a good time and making new connections.


As part of the conference, there is always some sort of activity scheduled for us so that we can get a flavor for the city. For this trip, we were given tickets for River Boat Tours. While Millie and I managed to miss the tour that almost everyone else took, mostly because we ran off to the zoo, we did manage to catch a tour the next day during a break.


It was around noon, so I was not expecting to find any light that I really liked, but I was eating it up, photographing everything I could and making plans to come back and revisit some of the areas with a tripod later. We rounded a bend in the river, and I saw this staircase leading from the River Walk back to street level. I fell in love. The image is about the light and nothing else. I love its simplicity and color. I love the highlighting of the edges of the staircase. I love its graphic nature. I took a bunch of photos. I guess that noon-time light showed me that it did have something to offer.


On another note, while on the tour, the guide talked about the history of the city, some local legends, and food. Apparently, that story Millie and I concocted about Fritos being from San Antonio is true! See, I can even be right when I am completely making things up!


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