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At Home Photography Project 1

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Melissa Southern




Sometimes we just can't get out and shoot. We have obligations at home, like work and families, that don't always allow us to travel on photography adventures. Here is an idea of something that you can do from home in your "spare" time to keep your creative juices flowing and to indulge in your photography habit without taking a trip somewhere.


I know that I have taken a ton of photos over the years, all of which are organized in a way that makes sense to me. Though I have gone through most of these photos back at the time that I shot them, there are some that have yet to be sorted.





So, here is a project idea. Go back and re-edit your photos. Look through folders of photos that you never got around to editing. For me, this means looking through some photos from the zoo that just got forgotten. I have also looked through folders of photos that I have gone through once before. I am setting out to go through all of these photos again and am amazed to find gems hidden in the hundreds and thousands of photos on my hard drives. 


Software has changed over the years since I took many of these photos. I have added new software and eliminated other applications. I have learned more about enhancing my photos using Lightroom and purchased some additional software like Helicon Focus for focus stacking and Silver Efex for B&W conversions. With these changes, photos that did not stand out several years ago now can stand out with the proper processing. 


_DSC9727_DSC9727 DSCF1012DSCF1012


This is a long-term project for me. I have a lot of photos to go through and edit. I need to get rid of photos that are out of focus or otherwise not usable. I need to look for those hidden gems that I missed originally. I need to reprocess older files with the new software and my improved skill set. 


Sometimes, we cannot get out and shoot new stuff, but there is almost always some old stuff that needs a second look, or a first or fifth look, in my case. Looking back at older photos also allows us to experience that trip again, whether it was to some exotic location or to a local garden. And, sometimes, that is all we need to reinvigorate ourselves and our photography.


_MAS4663_MAS4663 _MAS4464_MAS4464


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