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Finding Your Special Place

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Melissa Southern

_MAS1633_HDR_MAS1633_HDRview of top of Grandfather Mountain



There are some places in this world that feel like home to me, even though I have never lived anywhere near them. It is a feeling in the air. As soon as I get there, I relax and feel like I have come home. The landscape speaks to my soul.


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That is how I feel whenever I hit the Blue Ridge Parkway on my way to Grandfather Mountain. I have found a home there with so many photographers over the years.


Before the DawnBefore the Dawn


This weekend is the Grandfather Mountain Nature Photography Weekend. It will be my 16th year in attendance and another year as a TEAM member. This year Kyle and I also have the honor of presenting at a Saturday morning breakout session and a Saturday night seminar. 


_MAS7777_MAS7777tree at top of Grandfather Mountain _MAS1467_MAS1467


Grandfather Mountain has become such a special place to me over those years. I have so many friends that I met on the mountain. It all started with a small ad thumb-tacked to a bulletin board at Randolph Community College where I had just started as a photography student. I badgered 3 friends to go with me in June 2002 and have never looked back since. 


_MAS1751_HDR_MAS1751_HDR _MAS7527_MAS7527Stream Along Shanty Branch on Grandfather Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina


Kyle and I met at Grandfather Mountain and forged our sisterhood under its trees and on top of its rocks. We have had tons of hilarious misadventures there from rock climbing to retrieve a bag of animal crackers to mouse encounters. 




For me, Grandfather Mountain has become one of my favorite places on earth. Its rugged beauty, friendly faces, and fresh air call to me all year round.


_DSC0269_DSC0269 DSC_2205DSC_2205


I hope that you all have the experience of finding your own special place, a place that speaks to your heart and soul. Home is more than just the place that we live, it is the people that we surround ourselves with and the feeling that we get when we are there.






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