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Focus on the Small Things!

May 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Kyle Cook




I love to shoot scenics.  I love to LOOK at scenics.  When I do, I find little pieces that seem to attract my attention.  Such was the case on our Waterfalls Workshop early in May. 


While we went to several waterfalls, I became particularly interested in Eastatoe Falls.  It's on private land, but the owners are gracious enough to allow photographers and other respectful people to view this beautiful wonder of nature.  Now, I like the entire waterfall, but on this day, when the light was a bit contrasty early on, I was obsessed with that beautiful green moss.  I mean - it was beautiful!  So, I caught a very small part of that waterfall in an image, and it was one of my favorite images of the trip.  I could just stare at that and be happy.  

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Our last morning, we woke up early to catch a sunrise on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  As usual, we were praying for great color and, even more importantly, FOG!  I LOVE fog!  I used to think you couldn't shoot anything if it didn't look like a postcard, but, since I really started getting serious about photography after being on Grandfather Mountain, I learned that if you didn't shoot in unusual weather, you might be standing around not shooting anything for quite a while.  Melissa and I, followed by our workshop participants, drove up the mountain to the Parkway.  We kept seeing glimpses of bits of foggy areas and we couldn't wait to get to the top to see what nature was going to give us that morning.




Mother Nature sure didn't give us a fantastic sunrise, or at least a ton of color.  However, several of our group got some great sunrise shots (Shari, for one).  I guess it might have happened, but I was so excited about the fog, and how the sun was rising and casting shadows from the trees onto the foggy valleys.  It's my "thing" - foggy landscapes!  A little fog, a lot of fog - doesn't matter!  Anyway, I took tons of little "vignettes" of the different patterns the fog was making - it was everchanging, and, to my mind, absolutely beautiful.  This was one of my favorites - just a piece of the broader landscape that really appealed to me.  I like the larger view, but the small piece of it was another of my favorite shots from the workshop.  




My point is, take in the view.  Capture the big picture.  However, good things tend to come in small packages, so they say, and sometimes you can find those little gems hidden in the big view that you are looking at.  First, enjoy being out there in this big, beautiful world.  Look at the broad picture, and then disect it into smaller pieces.  You just might see something that touches your soul more than the obvious side-to-side and top-to-bottom scenic.  





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