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Trout Lilies - Revisited!

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Melissa Southern

3-18-20133-18-2013trout lily along a trail in the Great Smoky Mountains Naitional Park, Tennesse

Sometimes we come across subjects that become goals for us. For whatever reason, we just want a second shot at the subject to do it justice, to show its beauty, to capture its uniqueness. For me, trout lilies became one of these subjects



This is the first trout lily I ever shot, and for years, it was the only one I had ever seen. I photographed this little beauty in Great Smoky Mountains National Park over a decade ago. I remember practically standing on my head to get this shot. The flower is only a few inches tall and points towards the ground, making it difficult to photograph.




I mounted my camera to my tripod but positioned the center column of the tripod upside down so that the camera was hanging below the tripod. I also remember dropping the camera on its top while trying to adjust the tripod. Luckily it only fell about an inch!


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Last year, Kyle and I were photographing spring wildflowers at Grandfather Mountain, and low and behold, we found a bunch of trout lilies. I was obsessed. I spent a long time climbing up and down a hillside and contorting myself and my tripod into strange positions to photograph the ones that drew my attention. There were so many to choose from! The first ones I saw seemed to show up out of no where, but the more I looked, the more I saw. It was incredible!


_MAS6651-6664-FS_MAS6651-6664-FS _MAS6668-6686-FS_MAS6668-6686-FS


To think, all those years, these beautiful little flowers were right under my nose. I go to Grandfather Mountain at least twice a year most years, but I had never had the opportunity to visit the mountain in April until last year when Kyle and I had to cancel our Smokies trip. I guess the moral of this story is that sometimes that cancelled trip or change of plans can lead you to exactly what you were looking for all along. 



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