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Just Stop and Shoot!

June 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Melissa Southern




I know we have all been off somewhere driving to get to work or pick up kids or get to some appointment and have seen a beautiful or interesting scene and not been able to stop and shoot it. It has happened to me countless times over the years. I spend most of my driving life rushing from one place to the next, perpetually running late. That being said, sometimes I have the chance to actually stop and shoot, and now I am trying to make an effort to do that whenever I can.




On the way back home from Grandfather Mountain Nature Photography Weekend, I was cruising over Jordan Lake and talking to Kyle on the phone. (The only time I can really talk on the phone without children interrupting is when I am in the car alone.) I suddenly saw something that caught my eye. I told Kyle that I would call her back. I had to stop and shoot. I immediately switched lanes and made a u-turn at the next opportunity. I made another u-turn and parked on the side of the road. I grabbed my camera bag and tripod and trekked along the outside of the guardrail to get to the vantage point I had seen from the car. 




The reflection of the skeletal trees in the water is what caught my eye. I shot a variety of pieces of the scene, concentrating on the reflections. Then I started to do some vertical motion blurs, using a slow shutter speed and moving vertically during the exposure. I am quite happy with what I got and am glad that I stopped to shoot this scene. 


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Now some more notes about doing this: we are certainly not advocating being late for work or doctor's appointments or for picking up the kids. If you have the time, stop. Also, be sure that you are in a safe environment. I took these on the side of a busy highway. I parked a couple of hundred yards away at the end of a guardrail where there was plenty of room to get my car well off the road. I also placed myself on the outside of the guardrail and did not spend very long there. I got my shots quickly and left before someone stopped to run me off and before I caused any issues with traffic. Safety should be your first thought. If it is not safe for you, other people, and the environment (meaning animals and plants) to stop, enjoy the view but keep moving.


I hope you all can do the same thing and stop when you see something that fascinates you. Get out there and shoot!


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