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This book is all about color. Melissa takes you on a journey through the years and through different styles of photography as she reveals how she emphasizes the colors around us and captures them as art. In Search of Color is the start of a series of books exploring elements in photographic compositions. As an instructor, Melissa has become adept at breaking down the pieces of a scene that are intriguing to our eyes. We hope you enjoy her photography and that it inspires you to try something new and exciting!




This book brings together all the basics of photography from how exposure works to the functions of most cameras. It is a kick start program meant to educate and inspire experimentation in different aspects of photography. This is also intended to act as a field guide that you can carry with you on your shooting expeditions near and far. Notes sections are included throughout the book for you to jot down your thoughts, questions, and observations. This book is meant to be dog-eared and well-worn. Fold down the pages and add your own touch. This is a resource and guide for you, a place to start your photography and to refresh your memory. This book is meant to become your guide. 




FINE ART PRINTS are available through the Gallery and Portfolio pages.

NOTE CARDS and GREETING CARDS are also available.

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