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Kyle is a self-taught photographer.  She’s been photographing nature since her children were young, and she was no longer able to go backpacking.  She traded in her backpacking backpack for a photo backpack!  She was educated as a Sign Language Interpreter at Maryville College in Tennessee, and is currently a Veterinary Nurse.  Her duties include acting as the Social Media Director and photographer for the Animal Hospital of Statesville.  Throughout the years, she’s attended various workshops, won a few awards for her nature photography, and has assisted in workshops as a guide and as the Canon support person. Kyle is also a member of Canon Professional Services. She is currently working on a book with Melissa. Kyle is married to Roger, and Kyle’s two sons and Roger’s three sons round out their family.  Well, almost!  They’ve adopted quite a few cats, and are also proud parents of Cailin, the Wonderdog!  Kyle’s other interests include music (singing and playing the piano), quilting, knitting and, most importantly, camping, hiking and enjoying nature! 



Kyle and Melissa met at Grandfather Mountain, NC around eight years ago. Since then, they have developed a close friendship and enjoy shooting and working together. Their decision to go into business together seemed a natural progression of their mutual interests and the adventures, and misadventures, that are always a part of their photographic outings. Kyle and Melissa enjoy people and love instructing photographers at all skill levels, encouraging and inspiring them.


Crazy Kyle & MelissaCrazy Kyle & Melissa Kyle and MelissaKyle and Melissa

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Here are some photographs of Kyle in action at workshops and commercial shoots.


Kyle 2 NHKyle 2 NH

Kyle by MarshallKyle by Marshall Kyle NHKyle NH Kyle MEKyle ME

Kyle in NH2Kyle in NH2 KyleKyle