Bear Creek Photography NC | Slideshow Production





Have you ever wanted a slideshow of your memories - maybe for an anniversary, a child's graduation, a retirement, or even a memorial? We have made several of these over the years for many different occasions. Pricing varies depending on the number of photographs, whether those photographs are digital or need to be scanned, the amount of time to create the slideshow, and some other factors. 


Slideshows can range widely in price depending upon their complexity. Adding title slides and captions, editing individual photos, and timing music to specific slides can all add significant time to the project. Simple slideshows with no specific timing or special additions can be completely fairly quickly, often in less than two hours.



That being stated, please contact us for more detailed pricing information.



$1/minute, minimum of 30 minutes 

$2/image for scanning
Music can be added to slideshows, providing that it is royalty free or that the rights have been purchased.